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January 3, 2010

CPTV is back!

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It’s me! Aqua Blue 10. I have known HB since September 22, 07. And I mean FRIENDS, not a crazed fan you see at the Snow Forts 10 minutes before his party starts. Don’t believe me? Check out how old this video is: That was the first time I met him, I think. I still remember the moment he added me, I was absolutely thrilled! But before we get into an auto-biography, I would just like to let you know that Im tryin to bring the CPTV dynasty back! I have some great entertaient ad a rockin bran new movie editing program I’d like to use!

Please, no rude comments.
I am NOT:
• Trying to take the show away. I wanna see if he’ll come back or just give it to hos girlfriend Mmdance.
• Going to just make a few shows then stop for a few months, then come back and repeat, like most people
• Doing this just for popularity. I have been feeling brokenhearted that CPTV would end, and all my friends would leave me with this mess to pit CPTV back together!

But there is only one way to make this happen, I need quite a few comments from different people (aka, you can’t comment more than once). So please copy and paste this 10 times on YouTube videos with the tag “Heatblast” or anything relavent to CPTV!

Here it is:

CPTV has a new host! by Aqua Blue 10! See aquablue10 [.] wordpress [.] com

DO IT FOR CPTV!! And seriously comment! It won’t take you more than 30 seconds!! Just make up and email if you want!

-Aqua Blue 10


August 6, 2009

New Club Penguin Catalog!! (AND AQUA AVAILABLE!)

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WHOA! This Catalog is unbelievable! Talk about a Flight of Fancy! Look at the new styles!

There is no secrets, sadly.

Catalog #1


Catalog #2

The two bottom Backgrounds aren’t new, sadly.

Catalog #3

Additionally, Aqua has come out, and I’m not so thrilled, but that’s just my opinion. Here’s another pic of the difference from Sky and Aqua: (Aqua on left, Sky on right)



Thanks! And didja notice that I posted this the day before the catalog even came out? I’m magical! XD


Guess what the new Penguin Color is?

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Aqua. That’s “soooo” original. I’m kinda mad caus it is no difference from that and Sky Blue.

Here is a picture.


Aqua on Left, Sky on right. Well, the Player Card Aqua looks different than sky blue. However, the waddling penguins look the same. Huh… And also I thought that it would come out on the 16th, huh. Must’ve read it wrong.

Also, there is a Festival of Flight comming up on August 14-18. Festival of Flight…. sounds familiar..

Anyway, Gary wants to do maintence on the windows on the underground pool. How?

HE WILL LIFT CLUB PENGUIN OUT OF THE WATER! First time ever, Club Penguin will be in the clouds! That explains the sneek peek Club Penguin had. (Here)

Wow, I can’t wait. We won’t be able to see the water at all! Also, EVERY room will be decorated. Think about it, if they didn’t decorate a room, it would be very confusing, yes? Plus, have fun at the ice berg while you can. It will eventually become unavailable, obviously lol.

Also, in the Newspaper, it says that the YELLOW puffle helps you in DK3K (on the “Warning, Secret Revealed” Page).  Isn’t it Purple Puffles? That’s really odd, the yellow puffle is ARTISTIC.. that’s kinda strange, isn’t it?

~Aqua Blue 10~

thankies for reading 😀

August 1, 2009

New Pin & Color Voting ENDED & Penguin Tales Contest

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The Pin is located at the Coffee shop, I haven’t seen a pin there for a while.

7-31 Sailboat

Some Penguins have been saying that this pin is too similar to the Rowboat pin, and that Club Penguin is running out of ideas. Not true. The sailboat and the rowboat are completely different. IcyJoker78 (PenguinSmashers) on the CPTV website really had no idea what he was saying. Seriously, also, who types with the first letter capitalized every time? IDIOTIC!!

Plus, this is the VERY last week for submitting Penguin Tales this year!

penguin stories

Also, the color voting has ended!! The results will be out on August 17th in the Penguin Catalog! I think that it is Aqua, even though it’s not much different from sky blue, just more green, which doesn’t look very good, kinda bad. Lavender or Maroon deserves to win. More Information below.

Color Voting

~Aqua Blue 10~

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July 23, 2009

Club Penguin Color Voting is now OPEN!!!

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Yay!!! I loved the colors, but I had to choose one. I’m not telling though.. 😀 (XD I’m hanging around here saying “what?” when people say “Aqua” LOL)

Voting Booth

It is located at the Forest, but there is advertisements about the voting in the Town. You can vote again if you log off and log back on. LOL!! YAY!! I can vote for Aqua AND Lavender!!

~Aqua Blue 10~

Hey, please comment about your decision!

July 22, 2009


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Yay! Okay, to kick things off, there are FREE GREEN HEADPHONES! Located at the Cove. Unfortunetly, the headphones is only an outfit, not a function.


Next, we have the Boom Boxes. YAY!  A FUNCTION! Hold on ONLY to the boom box and press “D”! The are located on the Nightclub Roof. The VIP pass is required to get into the room! I’ll discuss that below.

Boom Box

WAIT.. we had these last year! They are the exact same box… lol. Sheesh CP, could you make something different? Here’s a picture of last years boom box:


In order to get the Boom Box, you got to get the VIP Pass in the Snow Forts. (Sorry, members only.) It costs 50 coins. Not too hard to get, right? xD I have to say, this one looks way better than last years! last years looked like a christmas card. xD

VIP Pass

Now for some instruments! Once you have your VIP ticket, head out to the Dock (Which by the way, this stage changes EVERYDAY.) Then head backstage, in the top right corner of the stage.

HEY! SOME NEW ITEMS YES! The Double Necked Guitar is actually pretty cool. The trombone and Cowbell aren’t that bad actually. However, everything else is a repeat. I hardly ever see a Tuba anymore, they are just SO old. But yeah, the Bass was from the last Music Jam, and I think both guitars have been in the CP Clothing Catalog before.

Catalog Cheats

LASTLY, the PENGUIN BAND! (Or, commonly shorted on cp, PB) I actually have not yet seen them yet, so I don’t really like them lol. The band PLAYING is at the Ice Berg. DON’T GET EXCITED! IT’S NOT THEM! Lots of people will say that you need to get off the stage for the background, but that’s not true. You have to be able to see their name and be able to click on them. Even if the penguins get off the bots, you still wouldn’t be able to click on them.

HOWEVER, the ice berg is a huge advantage now. Okay, so whenever the Penguin Band is actually logged on, the bots at the Ice Berg will dissapear! So here’s my quick guide to finding them

1. They show up at the ice berg to play if they are NOT logged on.

2. When there is a sign saying “The Penguin Band is taking a Break”, that means they are online!

3. *unconfirmed, but using logic* They will probably be at the Backstage, that’s the only place that would be reasonable to go to.

4. Now, log off and go through every server’s backstage.

5. If a server that is usually empty has a five bars all of a sudden, then they are PROBABLY on there.

6. Once you’re there, you should open up your buddy list.

7. Click on the icon with the eyes, the one in between the smilee and the skull.

8. Scroll through the list until you see a smilee face next to a name WITHOUT NUMBERS.

9. Click on them, they should be in a posture that is not like the ones you have when you click on your player card.


11. Quick! Click on where the “Add Buddy” icon would be. You would get the Club Penguin Band Background!

12. I think if you just do #10 to ONE band member, you still get everyone elses background.

Here is a refference of G Billy, Franky, Petey K, and Stompin Bob. (I just realized they all wear the same hat! lol) This picture was taken by Mike 92. THANKS MIKEY!


Thanks for looking! Comment and Press Ctrl +D for more updates! Thank you! 😀

~Aqua Blue 10~ (The one and only!)

July 21, 2009


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(Note: I’m 820 days old….2 years 😀 … HEHE! BEAT DAT! )

Okay, so everyone visiting, could you please press Ctrl + D, and press “Add“. IT WONT TAKE YOU MORE THAN 10 SECONDS!

To help me out, comment about how I can improve, or ask questions! I could really use it! Again, please add my website to your favorites! 😀 THANK YOU! WHEN I REACH 5,000 VIEWS, I’LL THROW THE BEST PARTY EVAH! and Record and PUT IT UP ON YOUTUBE! YOU WILL SHARE MY FAME!!!!



April 25, 2009

New Party Information.

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Hi Penguins of Club Penguin, welcome to Aqua’s Club Penguin Cheats! (Or we can be called CPP, and no, It is not an acrynym of some sort.)

So, if you want the BEST cheats that come to you ASAP, Press Ctrl + D and Press “Add”! Come on, what do you have to loose?


RETARTED NACHOS! Ugh, anyway, I don’t think that Heatblast will let me make another party, so I’m gonna scheldue it myself!

Server: Snow Bank

Time: 2:00 PM PST

Where: My Igloo (Aqua Blue 10)

When: April 26th, Sunday (tommorrow!)

Edit: Okay, Nachoz are good. XD Turns out that the General Person1233 (i think) threw a “crash party”. LOL. Thats golden. So if you want to see the actually post, go here: and add it to your favorites!


January 25, 2009

Fiesta Party!

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Oops, sorry for not letting you know on the 23rd, Ive been busy!

There is a free item, the Fiesta hat! But, it’s not that great. It’s a little tiny. If you want it, it’s at the cove.


And, that’s pretty much it. But the decorations are pretty cool!

January 21, 2009

New Pin

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The pin is a taco (obviously for the party) and it is at the Snow Forts!

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